Pinpoint Take: TRACKIT Mobile Unify’s Service Desk & DCIM at the Rack

The Pinpoint Worldwide Take is my review of current technology in the IT software, DCIM, and Infrastructure Management space.  This current take is my review of an independent software and services vendor that has a unique application that unify’s service desk with DCIM by leveraging a mobile UI that records, updates, prints, bar codes and audits while the technician is performing the work. This take is about TRACKIT Solutions, specifically the TRACKIT Moble App.

See Video on Pinpoint TV or read transcript below.

Hi this is Daniel Tautges with Pinpoint Worldwide. Thank you for joining me today. I’m excited to talk to you about a company that I’ve been working with the last few months in the software technology space. They’ve got a very cool product not a lot of people know about. In this video I’ll talk a little about what the product is and how it fits in the marketplace. The company is TRACKIT Solutions and TRACKIT has been around for about eight years but their primary business has been in audit services.   They have worked with some of the largest banks and the largest companies in the world doing audit services.

As part of their audit business they developed a software application that runs on a ruggedized mobile tablet, and this is the thing that I am really excited about, this ruggedized mobile tablet connects back into a back-end database. The database has API connectors into service desk applications like remedy BMC, ServiceNow, HP and they also have DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) connectors to applications like nlyte, Aperture and Schneider so they are really a middleware solution, that is mobile, that allows you to download information from both those systems.


Imagine a workflow ticket coming from a Service Desk to connected to the DCIM application. TRACKIT combines those in a mobile tablet that then allows you to do all of your work within the cabinet space.   So when moving devices around or changing network connections, I can literally look at the DCIM rack elevation drawing. I can look at the work order and I can move I can move devices within the rack from RU position one to position three, as an example. I can do that in a very visual way and I can also then validate that the DCIM application is correct visually, physically, and that the service desk asset management application is also correct. As I am doing my work I am also doing an inventory and validation of that inventory.


What I found in my work as consultant in the space is that lots of clients that I talked to don’t have a very good, high level, of confidence that their data center infrastructure management suite is a hundred percent correct. This allows you, as your doing the work within a cabinet, to validate all those things. Do the work and actually make the changes and then update those systems automatically.


The best part about it is it works in online or offline mode so I could literally be offline in a dark data center do the work, then go back and plug in and TRACKIT feeds all these systems with updates. The thing I also really like about it is that it is both ruggedized and highly secure so if somebody sticks it in their backpack and takes it home it’s not going to do them any good. TRACKIT is a purpose-built application that runs on the windows platform. The application feeds the TRACKIT database and then instantiates the other two systems.


I have talked to a couple big clients that actually use TRACKIT to update five, six or seven different systems, inclusive of their accounting packages and some of their compliance stuff. I see a lot of products in the datacenter infrastructure management and the Service Desk space but I don’t see a lot of applications that join those together in a really meaningful way.

When I was doing some research with some of their clients, I also found out that they are telling me that they get a 10X productivity gains when they use the product. Making moves, adds, and changes requires less people and you can do it faster so they get more done and a huge productivity gain. Trackit is not a super expensive product to go out and buy so I suggest you take a look at it you haven’t already. Give it a go. The URL is

I think it is a very unique and interesting product and you guys could really get a lot of benefit out of it. If I can be of any help please reach out to me personally at Thanks for tuning in!