Heavy Civil Construction Software – On a similar path to Network Management Market



Written By Daniel Tautges @danieltautges
CEO Pinpoint Worldwide

Spending the last twenty month working with a Software Technology innovator in the Heavy Civil Construction market has been very exciting and reminds me a lot of 2002.  I was aware of the planning side of the market as I had worked with CAD supplier Autodesk in the past but I didn’t realize the tech effort now being shown in bringing large civil projects to completion.  When you think about the billions in global expenditures on Roads, Bridges, Dams, Tunnels, Railways and Airports it makes complete sense.  It’s really a wonder that I wasn’t aware that this market represents a new frontier for Technology Innovation.  Drones, IoT, Mobility, Automation, Data Mining, Fleet Management, Mapping, Collaboration, Payment Systems, Maintenance, Scheduling, Document Management and 3D/4D Modeling are all innovating rapidly to grow in this marketplace.

The scope of engagement for me personally has been quite broad.  My work with Pavia Systems  has allowed me the ability to engage clients at large Department of Transportations, Consulting Engineering Firms and Technology Vendors.  What I have learned is the the market characteristics of  this space is very similar to the early days of Network Management Software.  Specifically that there are lots of fragmented, point solutions, that lack integration capability and the buying requirements often lack the information necessary to build to a long term scalable architecture.  Further, there are many custom and home grown solutions and Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) solutions are still evolving.  Users of the systems typically don’t have the technology background, are adverse to change, and require products that are easy to use, adapt well to their current processes and support self service.   Small productivity gains and risk avoidance are driving many buying decisions with true technology architecture decisions taking a back seat to single point or custom requirements.  As products/services and buying sophistication advance, this will transition to really consolidating all of the information and greater insights to information.  Things like project modeling, intelligent material selection, scheduling, costs management, risk avoidance with advance on a similar path to fault, capacity, availability, performance and security did in the Network Management Space.

Intelligence, data mining, event notification, and single pane of glass.

Pavia Systems is one of the vendors that has a clear vision on collecting information once, integrating disparate systems, and delivering a single pane of glass on the complete life cycle of Heavy Construction Projects.  Pavia’s HeadLight Project Intelligence Platform builds off of a mobile collection interface that clicks and swipes, vs. types and writes, on-daily site inspection data that is then stored, shared, and indexed on their cloud based platform.  In my research, they are the only vendor that gathers this data via rich media (video, images, and mapping) and intelligently indexes.  This ability to collect and manage large files builds a YouTube like library of what happened, when and by whom.  Integrating this across the stack of payments, drawings, legal, drone video, events  provides the closet match to true project intelligence that existing in the market today.

New Frontier for growth

With a market TAM in the billions, opportunities in Heavy Civil Construction software, services, and tools is large and growing.  The market is really in the early stages of development with a few large companies focus on just a few niche areas and there lacks a true architecture to support an end-to-end process.  Building today and tomorrow’s Roads, Bridges and Railways is going to require higher integration to deliver projects faster, with higher reliability, and lower cost much like the Network Management Market did in building the information super highway in the early 2000’s.

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